Christina Walls - Bomb the Base

Christina Walls - Bomb the Base

ReAction Theatre was founded in 2011 by Artistic Director Louise Howlett, predominately to present new and contemporary Australian text-based theatre pieces. Based in Melbourne, Australia, ReAction Theatre brings together a team of artists and experts, on a project by project basis, to collaborate on the development of new theatrical and text-based works.

ReAction Theatre aspires to create performances pieces that push boundaries in both form and content, thereby inspiring audiences to challenge preconceptions and confront complex issues. We are committed to creating the highest quality work in an environment that supports and nurtures writers, performers and production crew alike, so that they can tell fascinating and captivating stories for a range of audiences.

...the overall production is a very good sample of the best work that the Fringe produces.
— Dione Joseph

Each ensemble of artists has embraced the opportunity to work on a variety of new shows in unique spaces, such as small warehouse-like studios in inner city Melbourne to the grand St Kilda Palais foyer.

Our very first work, ‘Bomb the Base,’ garnered high praise from reviewers who described it as ‘wonderfully crafted,’ ‘not to be missed’ and ‘a very good sample of the best work that the Fringe produces.’

Since then, ReAction Theatre has gone on to successfully produce a number of new original works including ‘At the Water’s Edge…’ – a series of 7 short plays; a World Premier of ‘Heart Thy Neighbour’ and ‘Appropriate Kissing for All Occasions’ which was praised for being ‘…utterly brilliant’ by the AU Review.

Lately, our focus has been on developing the most ambitious and technically challenging piece to date, ‘Les Mystères du Louvre’ - a bilingual French/English theatrical experience that combines projection mapping, installation and live performance to bring to life the iconic French painting ‘Le Raft of the Medusa.’