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In January 2019, ReAction Theatre formed a partnership with RMIT University to develop the complex technical aspects of this multi-sensory and immersive live performance work which will include ground-breaking digital, lighting and sound design. Our work includes key creative collaborations with the RMIT Schools of Industrial Design, Digital Animation and Sound Design. A showing of the technical elements is planned in the RMIT Black Box late 2019.

We aspire to put the audience at the centre of the piece, in the here and now, allowing them to experience the immediacy of live performance and the power of storytelling as both a personal and emotional experience.

Digital Animation by Dr Gina Moore, Lecturer in the School of Animation RMIT

Digital Animation by Dr Gina Moore, Lecturer in the School of Animation RMIT


Louise Howlett - Director/Producer

Darrin Verhagen - Sound Design | Lecturer RMIT

Gina Moore - Digital Animation | Lecturer RMIT

Simon Curlis - Set Design | Lecturer RMIT

Jacob Sandom - Set Design

Sahaj Garg - Digital Animation | 3D Projection Mapping

Homie XXX - Digital Animation | 3D Projection Mapping

Richard Vabre - Lighting consultant

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The White Box

We would like to model a more energy efficient and sustainable approach to set design and construction, challenging the labour intensiveness and high waste production of current industry practices.

Designs by Jacob Sandom.

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The latest industrial design techniques..

We are looking to develop a versatile, lightweight, collapsible, affordable and adjustable set building that can be easily assembled and dissembled.

Designs by Jacob Sandom.